6 Places to Find Facebook Content to Engage Your Audience

As you already know by now, it isn't enough to set up your Facebook Fan page and post on the wall every once in a while. It needs constant attention, just like most things in life.  In fact, a site that has cobwebs on it is about as effective as advertising group travel on a local rock radio...read more

#GBF2014: The Next Big Thing in Group Marketing

Hospitality professionals, both live and online, watched today as a select panel of industry leaders took the stage at the Grand Hyatt Washington DC. It was the second day of Cvent’s Group Business Forum, and the subject, “The Next Big Thing in Group Marketing - Creative Perspectives,” proved...read more

"What's Out and What's In" for Resorts in 2014

Hawkins International Public Relations, a firm spanning a broad range of sectors including resorts, recently issued a trend report for luxury hotels. Below is a summation of what is "old" and "new" in the industry, along with actual hotel marketing staff examples.  What's Out: Calling or using the...read more

Google Introduces Business Photos, Wallet and Indoor Maps to Help Hotels Market Themselves

Google is expanding its hospitality presence and making it hard for hotel marketing staff to turn away from these innovative concepts. In fact, four hotel chains are on board with Google's latest offerings in hope that these apps will help with their online hotel marketing efforts.  Best Western...read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Your Hotel to Growing Consumer Groups

What’s the most coveted and fastest growing consumer group in the country today? U.S. Hispanics. Right now, there are more than 52 million Hispanics residing in the nation. That number will rise to 132.8 million by 2050, which will account for 30 percent of the entire country’s population. Need more...read more

What Hospitality Marketers Can Take From WestJet's Viral Holiday Video

By now, most of us in the travel and lodging industry have seen the latest Internet sensation to hit social media streams everywhere. WestJet swept into the holidays with an emotional video inducing tears and a renewed belief in Santa and his (credit card-holding) elves. In just three days, the...read more

What's M.I.A. In Your Marketing Automation? Plus, How-To Fix It Before 2014

So you’ve mastered marketing automation and tracking for outbound and inbound marketing such as email campaigns, leads from social media, white paper downloads, and completed surveys. But, what is most likely missing is inbound call channel marketing.  The adoption of mobile is causing a huge...read more

4 Reasons Why Facebook May Not Factor in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

Channels come and channels go. Who would have thought, just one short year ago, Facebook might be on its way out? Certainly not me!  However, don't think that all social channels are doomed. With more platforms available to the user than ever before, Facebook may have to fight for their relevancy in...read more

Looking to Increase Group Bookings at a Resort? Develop the 3 B's!

If you are a resort hotel owner or operator, the following question has probably crossed your mind more than a few times: "Where are my guests coming from and what hospitality marketing efforts will really pay off?"  BluSky Marketing, a research consultancy agency, recently put this question to the...read more

11 Common Pinterest Mistakes That Hoteliers Make

Pinterest offers a beautiful opportunity for marketing hotels online and marketing destinations online, especially for those destinations and properties with a robust gallery of stunning photography.  Not only does Pinterest get your destination marketing brand in front of potential guests, it’s a...read more

Video Marketing Brilliance: How to 'Go Viral'

Go viral. That’s an unspoken goal of many hotel and destination marketing efforts with video campaigns. When marketing resorts online, most marketers want to do one, but few know how. Making a video worthy of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ is a lot easier than you may think. It all begins with remembering who...read more

Bring Planners CSR on Your Property and Gain Group Business!

Weaving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into group meetings goes back a number of years and became almost a given when tragedies hit popular convention locations like New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Planners worked with convention hotels to source community organizations that allowed meeting...read more

Changing the Way You Do Business: Using Mobile Technology for Hospitality

Remember when Grandma's telephone was a shared line with the neighbors (a party line) and the only computers were in big hidden rooms in banks and other businesses? Remember when you got your first cell phone and it stayed in the car because it was larger than a bread box? Remember your first...read more

Use Proposal and Agreement Templates to Build Repeat Group Rooms Business!

Any salesperson worth their salt knows that it takes hours to build a professional proposal that is attractive and enticing. Once that proposal is accepted, more, sometimes intense hours are needed to develop a contract that is a winning and representative document for both parties. To get to the...read more

Hotel Marketing Commandments: Thou Shall Be Willing to Fail

Often, the best marketing comes from trial and error, seeing what works or doesn’t. While it can be an expensive route, everyone hopes to get it right the first time. Yet, most marketers realize there are mediums that won’t always perform as expected – and its “OK” to fail at marketing. There are...read more

Convince Management of Social Media Merit for Your Hospitality Business

Statistics are abundant showing that Internet usage, in particular social media, is growing by leaps and bounds all over the world! Internet Statistics shows an overall growth of over 12% between 2011 and 2012 of those using Facebook and a total of 835,525,280 users worldwide with more being added...read more

Hotels Get Their Ducks in a Row with Brand Mascots

Hotels have long vied for the attention of the weary by promising a good night’s sleep. With more and more hotels adopting mascots, counting sheep (or dogs or cats) will be easier for the somnolent traveler. Industry experts know that developing trust and relationships is key when booking group...read more

How Hotels and Conference Centers Can Launch Social Media Like A Pro

Last week, I had the honor of attending the annual conference for the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC). After being at the conference for a day, I was able to identify a common theme among the attendees. Most wanted to know how to successfully launch social media as part of...read more

Want to Lure More Guests? Offer Unusual Amenities

Looking for new hotel market concepts? Providing unusual service offerings can create buzz for your hotel and potentially build brand loyalty. When you advertise for group travel, your property might consider "out of the box" offerings like the ones listed below.  The Benjamin Hotel in New York City...read more

AMEX Survey Results: Where in the World Will Meetings be Held in 2012?

We recently reported 5 Key Meeting Trends for 2012 from a recent survey of meeting planners, buyers and hotel suppliers from around the world that was conducted by American Express Meetings & Events. In its research summary, Amex also highlighted some interesting global projections by region for...read more
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