5 Keys to Get a Handle on Bucket List Destination Marketing

In recent weeks, I read the Huffington Post article, 17 Places You Have to See Before You Die by Yagana Shah. The list includes places dreamed of, our next door neighbors, castles and churches filled with the evidence of our ancestors, cottages close to the earth and memorable places of natural...read more

Four DMOs That Are Creating Brilliant Content for Millennial Meeting Planners & Attendees

It takes more than Tweeting and posting images to Instagram to get hotel group business from millennial-age meeting planners. It now requires creating custom content for a generation hungry for destination intelligence that goes beyond staid and uninspiring tourism guides.  By promoting their cities...read more

21 Ways to Win Big at Group Business by Visually Telling Your Hotel's Story

Studies show that a good story is 22 times more memorable than just facts alone. Since we live in an increasingly visual culture, telling stories with images is imperative. In his article "6 Powerful Reasons You Should Include Images In Your Marketing," Jeff Bulla shares that articles with images...read more

Destination DC's CEO on DC Cool: Conception, Wins, Challenges & More

It’s been more than a year since Destination DC, Washington, D.C.’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, released its latest multi-year marketing campaign, “DC Cool.” The campaign, which refers to the city as cool, focuses on the unexpected. Since the launch of DC cool, the city has received unsolicited...read more

Why Now is the Time to Become Cvent Supplier Certificated

School is back in session, but don’t worry, we’ve condensed a career’s worth of eRFP group business knowledge into just a few hours of training. And unlike History of Film 101 and Calculus 452, you and your team will come away with actionable ideas you’ll rush to put into practice to see a higher...read more

6 Places to Find Facebook Content to Engage Your Audience

As you already know by now, it isn't enough to set up your Facebook Fan page and post on the wall every once in a while. It needs constant attention, just like most things in life.  In fact, a site that has cobwebs on it is about as effective as advertising group travel on a local rock radio...read more

Standing Out: Why Your Hotel Brand’s Website Just Won’t Cut It

When you’re part of a larger, nationally recognized hotel brand, such as Hilton, Best Western or Sheraton, your quality and hospitality standards are recognized across the globe.   However, don’t think being part of a famed hotel brand means you can sit back on your laurels when it comes to hotel...read more

14 Social Media Post Ideas When Marketing Hotels Online

Marketing hotels on the internet via social media channels goes a long way in determining how well you’ll engage with your audience and if you’ll create a solid fan base amongst travelers. Yet a common problem for hotel marketers is running out of content ideas. So, whether you’re stuck on what to...read more

5 Habits of The Most Productive & Successful NSO Managers

It isn’t always sales and a drive to success that makes you successful. The most successful national sales managers are interested in building relationships both internally and externally. They are determined to be well known and liked by their colleagues and industry professionals which is...read more

8 Ways Destinations Should be Using Twitter

Despite its confining character limits and its endless scrolling content, Twitter remains one of the best conversation tools when marketing DMOs online. Smart destination marketing staff know that Twitter is best for real-time engagement, not just for touting all that is tops about your city. Just...read more

CVBs and DMOs: A Five-Point Checklist to Help Market Your Destination

Group organizers and meeting planners are reliant on your CVB and DMO staff to sell them on all the things your city and region have to offer. Besides the convention space and guest rooms, what else do you need to do for marketing  CVBs online? The answer is: plenty! Here is a step-by-step guide to...read more

Group Business Marketing Best Practice Tip: Start the New Year off right with updated user preferences

We all know that employee turnover can be high in the hospitality industry. With sales and marketing managers coming and going, how can you stay connected while also maintaining security?  The New Year presents a great opportunity to get organized. In the past several months, it is likely that your...read more

5 Destination Marketing Tips for Selling Experiences

Today’s travelers seek experiences. More than the creature comforts and amenities, more than packaged entertainment and big-ticket attractions. Out-of-the-ordinary experiences are what truly compels people to pack up and visit your destination. As a destination marketer, you have your work cut out...read more

Surprise Revelation: How Email Still Trumps Social Media

With the success of social media dominating online discussions, hotel marketing publications and blogs, (and not to mention, the entire world!) let’s not forget another powerful hospitality marketing tool for increasing group bookings at a hotel:  EMAIL. When used correctly for marketing a hotel or...read more

How to Successfully Channel the Power of Travel Bloggers

Savvy hotels and DMO brands are integrating blogger outreach campaigns into their hotel marketing strategy or their online DMO marketing strategy. But many of us don’t understand what blogger outreach is, or what it involves. In a nutshell, it’s taking the time to build relationships with...read more

How to Tell Your Hotel's Or CVB's Story With Instagram Video

Throughout the business world, companies are using Instagram Video to tell their brand’s story, create a sense of place...and just to have fun with their followers. Hoteliers and CVBs can do the same and use Instagram Video to enhance their property’s online reputation by generating buzz and...read more

How to Make Your Destination’s Content Contagious

Today’s travelers and meeting planners are facing information overload. And, unfortunately that means that too much of the valuable content created by hospitality marketing teams go unnoticed. Yet, there are those random videos, photos, and blog posts that not only make it through, but become viral....read more

Hybrid Meetings: Best of Both Worlds for Destinations & Organizations

If you haven’t heard, hybrid events are here to stay—and for good reason. This popular format gives us the ability to combine live and virtual events into one successful conference with far-reaching results. Conference and convention managers as well as CVBs need to become well-versed on hybrid...read more

And The Winner Is... Hotels and CVBs That Offer THIS In Their Proposals

When I think about hotel specials that we’ve offered, there’s something in common with the specials that performed well. The popular specials worked to solve a problem for the meeting planner, whereas the less popular hotel offers were “nice added benefits” but weren't a strong incentive for the...read more

The Next Step to Marketing CVBs Online Lies in Mobile App Development

Most CVBs know it is important to develop a mobile technology strategy, especially in light of the fact that this year, for the second year in a row, smartphones are due to outsell laptops. As smartphones get lighter, faster and more intuitive, they are most likely going to be a planner's tool of...read more
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