Not So Random Factors for Hotel Website Conversion

Let’s face the facts.    Not every planner who visits a hotel website is going to book or be intrigued enough to submit an RFP. That’s why it’s extremely important for hotel marketers to be cutting-edge and always asking your clients powerful questions about their buying decisions. Factors such more

Google Introduces Business Photos, Wallet and Indoor Maps to Help Hotels Market Themselves

Google is expanding its hospitality presence and making it hard for hotel marketing staff to turn away from these innovative concepts. In fact, four hotel chains are on board with Google's latest offerings in hope that these apps will help with their online hotel marketing efforts.  Best more

9 Business Travelers Weigh-in: Is "Hotel Loyalty" an Oxymoron?

Recently, in a LinkedIn Business Travelers Group, Ryan Frankel the CEO of VerbalizeIt, asked the following question:  How can hotels and other travel organizations drive customer loyalty in an increasingly commoditized industry?  Several travelers spoke up about the things they believe create more

What Hospitality Marketers Can Take From WestJet's Viral Holiday Video

By now, most of us in the travel and lodging industry have seen the latest Internet sensation to hit social media streams everywhere. WestJet swept into the holidays with an emotional video inducing tears and a renewed belief in Santa and his (credit card-holding) elves. In just three days, more

8 Reasons why Visitors aren’t Booking on Your Hotel Website

The best tricks and tips in hotel e-commerce are some of the most crucial elements to convert a looker into a booker. Average hoteliers may not be aware of what’s missing from their website and preventing group business from converting.  Without these smart hotel e-commerce must-haves, you more

And The Winner Is... Hotels and CVBs That Offer THIS In Their Proposals

When I think about hotel specials that we’ve offered, there’s something in common with the specials that performed well. The popular specials worked to solve a problem for the meeting planner, whereas the less popular hotel offers were “nice added benefits” but weren't a strong incentive for more

Improve Your Google Ranking by Creating Collaborative Content

Every client I have ever worked with has a goal of being ranked #1 by Google when searching terms that are relevant to their industry, region and customer base.  Whether you run a hotel, resort or CVB, you want your landing page to rank first and will spend your hospitality marketing dollars to more

4 Reasons Why Facebook May Not Factor in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

Channels come and channels go. Who would have thought, just one short year ago, Facebook might be on its way out? Certainly not me!  However, don't think that all social channels are doomed. With more platforms available to the user than ever before, Facebook may have to fight for their relevancy more

How a Pro Copywriter Would Rewrite Your Hotel or CVB Website

When marketing hotels online, or marketing CVBs on the internet, your website is your most significant distribution channel. Not to mention the most powerful tool for marketing toward group travel.  Its paramount purpose is to turn lookers into bookers and several factors can help you meet more

It's a Fact, Jack! Social Media can Boost Your Online DMO Marketing Efforts

As you probably already know, digital marketing is replacing many traditional programs including direct mail, collateral and those beloved tchotchkes. But have you ever wondered how travel marketers and meeting planners are using it? How it has increased their brand awareness and business? more

Copy That Sells: Writing With Meeting Planners In Mind

As a hospitality salesperson, you’re selling constantly over the phone, through your email conversations, and especially when seeing meeting planners face-to-face. However, when marketing hotels online or marketing CVBs on the internet, well-written content is the only thing that can sell more

Are You Marketing for Business Travel? Give Them a Good Night's Sleep

This summer I stayed in a name-brand hotel in mid-town Manhattan for business. It was a relatively new venue and I wanted to give it a try. Plus it had great online customer reviews. Everything went well and I was prepared to give this hotel a big thumbs up until my last night of stay. This is more

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Alternate Smart Ways to Measure Social Media ROI

One thing that many hotel marketing and destination marketing professionals can agree on: It’s difficult to deliver a concrete return on investment for their social media programs. While most hotels, resorts and destinations sense that value exists in having an engaging and active social more

5 Most Influential Words in Hospitality Marketing

Every copywriter or content marketer knows that there are some words that have more clout over the decision making process than others. Funny thing is, these powerful words don’t sound so powerful or complex. After all, its simple language that makes it crystal clear to our audience what we more

Healthy Dishes Hotels Are Creating for Meetings and Events

“Healthy menus will continue to be an increasingly important issue for meetings and events,” says Rob LeVine 
General Manager, Antlers at Vail Fairmont Hotels. “And our group menu, prepared by European-trained Chef Barry Robinson, already takes a lighter, more balanced approach than some of more

Are Business Travelers Listening to Your Employees' Complain?

Years ago, I read a sales training book that stated the following very succinctly:  "A happy employee is your best salesperson."  Can it really be this simple when putting together your business travel marketing plan? Rather than spending thousands of dollars on advertising towards business travel, more

3 Futuristic Trends that Could Define Hotels

Hotel marketing staff...would you agree with this statement: Your role at the hotel is to constantly find new guests with the ultimate goal of increasing group hotel bookings. Given that is the goal and the fact that groups usually book 24 to 36 months out, what is going to shape your more

6 Tips Every Hotelier Should Know About Writing Calls-to-Action

Good writing is a powerful force when you're advertising a meeting venue or working to increase hotel group business. Compelling copywriting attractions attention, keeps a meeting planner or hotel guest interested, and ultimately can lead them to book your property. Without crafty and more

1-2-3 Easy Steps Toward a Great Social Strategy

Social Media Strategy. What do these three words really mean? Well, as a Social Media Strategist, I will tell you they mean different things to different people. However, I recently read "The Ten Commandments of Social Media Marketing" by Melonie Dodaro, from  Top Dog Social Media who presented more

Could Social Media Beat out SEO as THE Traffic Method to Your Website?

If your hotel web marketing strategy does not include social media -- because you are spending all your digital dollars on SEO and PPC -- you may wish to rethink this plan especially as you look for ways to attract younger business travelers to your property.    Forrester Research, a global more
10 Ways to Win More Group Business
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