3 Ways a Copyeditor Can Win You MORE Group Meetings

3 Ways a Copyeditor Can Win You MORE Group MeetingsSome people are writers, while others would best be described as people who write. There's a difference.

Professional copywriters are constantly studying their audience AND perfecting their craft. Those with strong command of the travel, hospitality marketing, and group meetings business choose their words wisely. These wordsmiths know how to power up hotel marketing headlines to get event planners to take notice and take action.

In the title of this post, you see the term "Copyeditors." Copywriters start from scratch, while copyeditors take what you already have and make it better. If you're watching your hotel advertising spend AND you're starting with solid copy in the first place, hiring a copyeditor will get you more bang for the buck. 

Copyeditors will carefully scrutinize each and every word in your existing copy. They'll dial down the bloat and dial up the value to make sure your message resonates soundly with event planners. 

Here are three ways a copyeditor can win you MORE group meeting business:

  1. Improve Your Cvent Supplier Network Profile
    More than 160,000 meeting and event planners head for the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) as they scout out venues and suppliers for their conference events. Many of these event planners are in active shopping stage. These event planners are ready to buy and they’re identifying a list of contenders to invite to respond to their group meeting RFP. As they move through the CSN, many event planners begin with your venue's Description on the Overview tab. If the first couple of paragraphs fail to WOW them, they'll move on to the next venue. A copyeditor will make sure every single word in that description is delivering maximum value, to get event planners to drill deeper and study every aspect of your property. They will also power-up the captions for photos in your Image Gallery (another place where event planners take a closer look).
  2. Improve Your Cvent Supplier Network RFP Responses
    As you advance to the RFP stage, remember that many event planners are still moving rather quickly. As they scan through dozens of proposals, it's important that your response is clear, powerful, and yes, even dazzling. Believe it or not, many contenders fall short on the Clarity piece. Again, your copyeditor is that extra step of insurance to make sure this proposal hits every last point in a powerful way.
  3. Uncover New Talking Points to Advance Sales Conversations
    While the copyeditor starts with your copy, they will likely suggest a few more angles and ideas you might have missed.  Your sales team will be rewarded with new talking points to help them connect more deeply with event planners in future conversations. These new talking points could also boost future hospitality marketing strategies, too.

Looking for more ideas? Each week, Cvent hosts a number of webinars to help you advertise market your hotel venue to meeting planners more effectively. make sure you're NOT leaving any group business on the table. 

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