The Human Factor in Marketing Group Business

The Human Factor in Marketing Group BusinessRecently I was invited to a luncheon off property for special clients of a destination resort. The guests were enjoying downtime and conversation. The sales managers briefly presented a soft sales pitch before dining. Everything was done right. Personalized place cards, a delicious meal, a giveaway. Much like many other sales entertainment initiatives. Midway through, the meeting took on another level. What made this marketing event unique was a visit from the resort owner by way of Skype. The owner was genuine. His passion and excitement for his property and the positive changes coming in 2012 sold the meeting planners who attended. His five minutes through Skype was more effective than all the bells and whistles. What is it that changed a very lovely but average luncheon into an unforgettable and inspiring event that set the stage for successful hotel group business marketing?

In the article, 8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan, Yasmin Bendror cites Trend #1 as Humanize Your Business! People like people and their stories. The owner shared his vision for his property with the guests. He told them about his personal choice to close one business and devote the budget to his resort. He shared the positive updates and how excited he was for the coming season. He promised he and his staff would take excellent care of the planners and their groups if they would come to his property. What did he do that you can incorporate in your sales events? These 4 Ps:

Be Present—Planners appreciate an owner or general manager who cares enough about the business to show appreciation and takes time to meet the planner.

Be Prepared—Understand the goal of your visit and be fully into what you are sharing with the planner or group.

Be Personal—Share something that comes from the gut, something that is based on your feelings. This is where the real connection begins!

Be Passionate—Be genuine and talk about what excites you about your property! This one thing will be what seals the deal! If you believe in your property and have great plans for it, the event planner will be inspired to at least visit.

Bringing the human factor into your hotel group marketing will forge a connection that is more effective than even the most excellent service. The resort owner at the luncheon was so genuine, so sincere that the audience connected with him immediately. The fact that he took the time to talk to the group scored points but his passion for his property was felt by everyone in the room. He verbally made a promise that if you come to his property, every manager will be there to ensure that your event will be successful. He told his story. He shared his passion. He meant every word he said, and the audience believed him!

Stand out! Get resort group business by adding the human touch!


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