Less Facebook Engagement, Every Brand’s Current Sorrow

You may have noticed that your hotel’s Facebook engagement numbers are dropping off. I’m here to let you know that you aren’t alone. Hotel marketing managers everywhere are panicked about the slowing fan engagement.    Recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm means that less than 4% of your fans will...read more

Standing Out: Why Your Hotel Brand’s Website Just Won’t Cut It

When you’re part of a larger, nationally recognized hotel brand, such as Hilton, Best Western or Sheraton, your quality and hospitality standards are recognized across the globe.   However, don’t think being part of a famed hotel brand means you can sit back on your laurels when it comes to hotel...read more

Give Your Hotel’s Storytelling an Upgrade on Twitter

Good news for hotel marketing pros: Twitter is getting prettier. This shift toward nicer aesthetics on Twitter means that users are no longer just reading fast-moving text, but can now also communicate their stories with images that will show up in the feed (instead of just displaying a link to the...read more

Dissecting the Algorithm Behind Your Hotel’s Reviews and Rankings

How often do reviews play a role in guests or planners booking a hotel? Hotel guests read 6-12 reviews before booking, according to a recent TripAdvisor survey. Interestingly, the survey states 77 percent usually or always reference TripAdvisor before selecting a hotel. This can be a frightful for...read more

6 Reasons Planners Will Applaud Marriott’s Meetings Imagined

The alluring social power of sites like Pinterest have made an impact on hotel marketing, especially due to vacation-thirsty users and excited brides pinning everything from dream destinations to table settings.  But, can sites like Pinterest help you when marketing for group travel with business...read more

6 Ways Hotels Can Tick Off Google

With all of your hotel marketing programs and practices, at the end of the day Google decides your hotel’s fate. This is why smart hotel marketers scramble to understand the newest set of rules set forth by each Google update. But, for every smart marketer who knows what quasi-SEO practices to stay...read more

5 Things Every Hotel Should Do DAILY on Social Media

For hotel marketers and destination marketers, a strong social media presence should be at the top of your to-do list, EVERYDAY. With social media, maintaining a strong presence involves taking small steps each day to build and keep followers happy. But, don’t worry. A daily routine of social media...read more

Unspoken Rules of Connecting with Online Influencers in the Travel Industry

You have endless options for marketing hotels online  — so what’s the best bet for increasing your hotel marketing reach? My suggestion is to play it old school and go back to the original way people would hear of great places and products: Word of mouth. Online influencers are the authoritative...read more

The 3 Essentials for Hotels on Instagram

More than anyone, travelers are intrigued by real-life photos when making purchase decisions.   That’s why the visual appeal of Instagram makes it one of the most attractive tools to add to your hotel marketing arsenal. Instagram has a thriving user base and can be incorporated into campaigns to...read more

NEW Research: How Do Event Planners Choose a Venue?

There’s a lot of market research about how consumers make personal purchasing decisions. Apart from that discussion, you’ll find research about how people make B2B purchases, such as a planner booking a venue for group business. I find it interesting that the research appears to remain separate. Is...read more

Use What You’ve Got: Simple Ways Hotels Can Boost Revenue RIGHT NOW

Research shows that only about 10 percent of businesses leverage the existing data at their fingertips in a systematic way to boost both marketing impact and revenue.   It doesn’t take an analyst or a math whiz to take some of the numbers you already have at your hotel and turn them into a marketing...read more

Outsourcing Social Media: Should Your Hotel Do It?

Social media is a necessity when marketing hotels online – that so far is obvious. Now, the question you have to grapple with is: WHO is going to handle it? Should you manage your hotel’s social media channels in-house? Or, outsource to an agency made up of social media marketing experts? To assist...read more
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