11 Ways to Humanize Your Hotel Brand

Humanizing your hotel’s or DMO’s brand is mandatory if you want to survive in business today. Authenticity and transparency are the new words to live by. Why? Because your hotel guests are humans. Your staff members are human. And, your social media followers and fans are human. Robotic, corporate...read more

Coming Up with Novel Hotel Marketing Ideas when the Novelty has Worn Off

Hollywood is the reigning champ of bigger-than-life marketing ideas. Every blockbuster strives to launch a marketing campaign that is more shocking, more memorable, more magnificent than the movie that came before it. But, in a world of millions of marketing ploys, going bigger and louder doesn’t...read more

Who Should Answer Your Hotel's Reviews?

Guest reviews can make your hotel brand either shine or stumble. What really determines which way you go is your response. So, who is the best person to respond to your online reviews? The most obvious person would be your hotel general manager, as they hold the most authority and should know...read more

The Real ROI of Virtual Hotel Tours

Talking about packing a punch. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, a website with a 360-degree virtual tour and other interactive media will receive 40% more views than other sites. And, research done by Best Western said they see 48% MORE bookings when marketing hotels on the...read more

Hoteliers: Draw Year-round Media Attention with These 6 FAM Tour Ideas

Your hotel press releases can only go so far when marketing hotels online. The best way to have any real impact on a travel writer’s decision to write about your hotel is to have them experience a stay themselves. Travel media – including writers, bloggers, travel show producers – receive a ton of...read more

Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part II

In just a few years, social media has evolved into an ever-changing landscape that introduces new websites, tools, rules and protocol to hotel marketers every few months. To help solidify your knowledge on at least the basics of social media, I’m answering some of the most common social media...read more

Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part I

Within the past few years, social media has become a complex and ever-changing hotel marketing avenue full of new players and constantly changing rules and protocol. To try and help you navigate some social media basics for your hotel marketing strategy, I’m answering some of the most frequently...read more

You’ve Been Reviewed, Now What? A Hotel’s Guide to Improving & Moving Forward

It’s apparent that online word of mouth has become an important part of hotel marketing. Sites such as Facebook, TripAdvisor and Yelp play a role in the research process for travelers and planners choosing a hotel, restaurant, venue, and more.    You may be surprised that a large amount of sharing...read more

Not So Random Factors for Hotel Website Conversion

Let’s face the facts.    Not every planner who visits a hotel website is going to book or be intrigued enough to submit an RFP. That’s why it’s extremely important for hotel marketers to be cutting-edge and always asking your clients powerful questions about their buying decisions. Factors such as...read more

How Big Travel Brands Get Millions of Email Subscribers

When it comes to building your hotel’s email marketing list and marketing your hotel(s) online, it’s all about what you offer in exchange for someone’s email address. Most hotel marketing teams will proclaim the same offer: ‘Sign up here for special discounts and offers!’ ‘Sign up to hear the latest...read more

Ditch the Fluff: Tightening Up the Content for Your Hotel Mobile Site

So, your hotel marketing team created enthralling content for your hotel’s website? Wonderful. But, don’t send the writers away just yet. Their work doesn’t stop there. Your next big step is to now optimize that content for mobile sites. Now, you have to properly repurpose and rewrite that content...read more

"What's Out and What's In" for Resorts in 2014

Hawkins International Public Relations, a firm spanning a broad range of sectors including resorts, recently issued a trend report for luxury hotels. Below is a summation of what is "old" and "new" in the industry, along with actual hotel marketing staff examples.  What's Out: Calling or using the...read more

Tempt Guests to Book Direct Instead of Using an OTA

With a powerhouse of technology and millions of subscribers worldwide, OTAs play a huge role in keeping your hotel full. They’re the ultimate hotel marketing dynamos. But, who says you can’t be one as well? I’m always asked by hotel clients, “How can we lure customers away from the OTAs and entice...read more

The Hotel Image Your Guests Clicked On the Most

Today’s hotel marketers aren’t selling rooms or meeting space. Instead, your biggest task is selling dream travel and meeting experiences. The best thing you can do to make that job easier? Illustrate your hotel’s unique experience by putting the right hotel photographs front and center on your...read more

Learning From Your Comp Set's Hotel Marketing

As in any battle for business, you better know what you’re up against. Get a razor sharp competitive edge over your hotel’s comp set by taking the time to size up their hotel marketing strategy with yours. Think of it as building a better arsenal of tools to drive group bookings at hotels or...read more

Hotel Marketing Videos: Leave Boring Behind (Part I)

In a world of constant competition when marketing hotels online, video has the potent ability to tell your hotel’s story while also grabbing, and sustaining, attention. Travelers are always seeking content that shows them what to expect in a unique experience or to learn more about a destination....read more

Hotel Marketing Videos: Smart Moves to Maximize YouTube Traffic

Research has shown that while 17 percent of people usually spend LESS THAN FOUR SECONDS when looking at a website, those same people are willing to watch a video online for up to 2.7 minutes! What does that say? Video is a powerhouse tool when marketing event venues and hotels online. It’s a gold...read more

Hotel Marketing Videos: Writing Good Titles to Boost Visibility On YouTube

Video can engage your hotel guests and clients like no other online medium can. When you post videos of your hotel onto YouTube and leverage its collection of powerful marketing options and tools, and access its worldwide audience, your hotel can channel its videos into content of mass attraction....read more

Brand Advocates Part II: Expert Tips on Leveraging Word-Of-Mouth Power

In our previous post, we covered how to successfully uncover and leverage your hotel’s biggest fans to increase hotel group bookings. In review, brand advocates are the hotel guests and meeting planners who are most voracious about your unique hotel experience and who are already talking about you....read more

7 Sustainable SEO Methods to Your Ever Loving Quest to Rank #1

What business - hotel, DMO, or convention center - doesn't want to come to the top of the list on Google? Everyone right?!?  However, with Google's secret and ever changing algorithm, it is very difficult to understand what works and what doesn't. Irfan Ahmad, Founder of Digital Information World,...read more
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