7 Sustainable SEO Methods to Your Ever Loving Quest to Rank #1

What business - hotel, DMO, or convention center - doesn't want to come to the top of the list on Google? Everyone right?!?  However, with Google's secret and ever changing algorithm, it is very difficult to understand what works and what doesn't. Irfan Ahmad, Founder of Digital Information World,...read more

Is Your Meeting Venue as Accessible as it Should be?

Inclusive and accessible is the name of the game when marketing meeting venues. According to the World Health Organization and the World Bank, more than one billion people in the world today experience some sort of disability, which represents approximately 14% of the population. For a building to...read more

Hybrid Meetings: Best of Both Worlds for Destinations & Organizations

If you haven’t heard, hybrid events are here to stay—and for good reason. This popular format gives us the ability to combine live and virtual events into one successful conference with far-reaching results. Conference and convention managers as well as CVBs need to become well-versed on hybrid...read more

The Next Step to Marketing CVBs Online Lies in Mobile App Development

Most CVBs know it is important to develop a mobile technology strategy, especially in light of the fact that this year, for the second year in a row, smartphones are due to outsell laptops. As smartphones get lighter, faster and more intuitive, they are most likely going to be a planner's tool of...read more

3 Image Challenging Tales About a CVB, a City and a Convention Center

Three cities have recently held the spotlight in the destination marketing arena -- San Diego, Detroit and Miami -- and unfortunately not in such a good way. But as you look at marketing a convention center, city or CVB, one thing holds true: Whether you like it or not, your funding is tied to the...read more

How Hotels and DMOs Should Write Content for Social Media

We’ve all seen them. Those awkward social media posts by hotels or a CVBs that don’t make sense, that are too wordy, brimming of bad grammar, or cloaked in jargon or local lingo.   Just as in any other endeavor when marketing hotels online or marketing CVBs on the internet, social media demands...read more

Why Google's Hummingbird is Good News for Hotel Web Marketing Efforts

Hummingbird. What is it and what does it mean for your hotel marketing mix?  Here is definition provided by Technopedia:  Hummingbird is a major algorithm change Google officially announced in September 2013. The Hummingbird algorithm substantially alters the way Google search results work in...read more

Hospitality Marketing Folks Take Note: The Five Reasons People Become Facebook Fans

Now that you have hundreds or thousands of Facebook Fans, what's next? Have you often wondered how to get them to be more active and engaged with your page?    This seems to be the main struggle with any business, whether they obtained their fans through a paid or organic method. With Facebook's...read more

Stop Write There, Before Clicking Send - 3 Ways to Fix Emails, Ads and Social Media

If there’s one thing you should know about hotel marketing, it’s that every audience is different. But, if there are a few things you should note about hotel marketing, it’s that you should never write the same email, proposal, proposal cover letter, advertisement, copy, or social media post...read more

Three Common Myths Regarding Resort Group Business

Since the "GSA Scandal" and "AIG Effect" prompted a media frenzy a few years ago, it seems as if most of the meeting industry has continued to shy away from resort hotels and conference centers because they might appear as opulent or over-the-top. While these two meetings were egregious examples of...read more

4 Ways the Digital World is Influencing Travel Decisions

RedRocketMedia recently produced an infographic detailing how travelers make hotel buying decisions. Even though this research is tied to the travel industry as a whole, I believe the information can be applied to business travelers, as well as, group business decision makers. Below, are four of the...read more

Make Over Your City-From 0 to 100 in Four Easy Lessons!

While living in metro Detroit for over thirty years, I have experienced the highs and lows of the great Motor City. What is happening now is so exciting that talking about it with you brings me chills! The media has provided the nation with a plethora of perceptions, focusing on the darkest days for...read more

Do They Love Me? Or Love Me Not? What Meeting Planners Love about CVBs and DMOs

Watkins Research Group, a business-to-business research organization, published its  2012 Meeting and Convention Planners Survey where they polled 730 veteran planners about their love/hate relationship with CVBs and DMOs. Below is a synopsis of the research as presented in the January edition of...read more

How Friendly Is Your City for Tour Operators?

While it may seem most destinations are equipped for tour operators, there are many needs of a tour operator that overlooked. Winning group business from a tour operator entails offering low-rate rooms with continental breakfast. Hotels on the outskirts of a destination as far as 30 miles out will...read more

22 Great Ways to Get Green in the New Year

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are terms that continue to create buzz in the hospitality and events industry. But what do these terms really mean and how can your convention center or hotel property start to engage in this process?  First, the definitions: ...read more

5 Ways to Enhance Your Next RFP Response

If you are a hospitality marketing representative, I know you answer  al lot of Request For Proposals (RFPs). And even though "dates and rates" are still part of the process, they are not the total package. Think instead of your RFP response as a way to tell your story. Yes, it will take more time...read more

What Are Meeting Planner's Pet Peeves? Inquiring Minds Need to Know!

Meetings and Conventions Magazine recently polled 242 meeting professionals in order to find out what is a real turn off when it comes to hospitality marketing efforts. As it happens, the hard sell is probably the fastest way to make certain they never call you back.  But hotels and convention...read more

8 Effective Ways to Introduce Your Property and Destination to Planners

As you look down the road at 2013 group business, CVB and hotel marketing folks think they can sell their destination either through digital efforts such as LinkedIn and Facebook or by advertising a meeting venue in publications. But what about old fashioned "snail mail"? Is it passe? I say no...but...read more

Site Selection Parameters Revisited: What This Means for Most Hospitality Marketing Staff

PCMA recently polled over 200 meeting professionals with the intent to understand how they believe hotel sales personnel size up their business. The findings are interesting to say the least and Cvent Hospitality would like to know your views on these findings.  One of the most interesting findings...read more

5 Must Haves for All Meeting and Event Venues

In the ever changing world of hospitality marketing, it appears that the following still holds true:  "The customer is always right."  The problem for most of us in this industry which is chock-full of uncertainty and chaos due to room pirating, block issues, and steep competition both within our...read more
10 Ways to Win More Group Business
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