Mistakes Hotels Should Never Make On Facebook

Thumbs DownNo one – especially your property – wants to be THAT business on Facebook. The one whose mistakes are causing even your guests to snicker or roll their eyes.

When marketing hotels online, even the most solid hotel strategy can include some dumb moves on social media here and there. The key is to not repeat them, especially mistakes that are common sense to every other hotel in your comp set.

Here’s a lineup of mistakes that hotels and resorts can make on Facebook. Learn them, watch out for them, and avoid at all costs.

  1. Only talking about your property – Never forget – this is social networking. Just like any networking endeavor, you have to engage and have conversations. Follow the 80/20 rule, with a majority of your posts talking about area attractions, travel tips, etc.  
  2. Writing useless posts – “Happy Wednesday. Hope you have a great hump day!” or “It’s almost the weekend. Do you have any fun plans?” These are the most common posts from hotel Facebook accounts, as well as the most irrelevant. Be unique or relevant – if not, then you’re just a wasting space.
  3. Delegating social media to an intern – Nothing against interns. Most of us were interns at one point. But they are not staff who should be representing your hotel or marketing hotels online simply because you assume they're social media gurus. Social media should always be handled by a seasoned marketing pro who knows how to build content around the hotel.
  4. Not incorporating a visual in every post – If you’re not including a photo or a video with a post, then consider that post invisible. In the grand scheme of a timeline, verbiage-only posts don't stand a chance to garner any attention when lined up next to posts that DO have images.   
  5. Not having a custom Facebook URL –  This is one of the first steps when setting up your Facebook page. Do it now.
  6. Spelling or grammar errors – It happens to the best of us. Make sure to read, and re-read, your update before posting. Even small mistakes can hurt your hotel’s credibility.
  7. Not correcting posts with a typo – If you notice an error right after you post an update, you have the option to delete and re-post before anyone comments, likes or shares it.
  8. Writing posts that are far too long – While it’s fine to write a long update occasionally (only if you need to), generally keep it short since Facebook users won’t take the time to read your lengthy explanations.
  9. Leaving the pre-loaded image from a link – When you post a link onto Facebook, it will automatically generate an image connected to that webpage. But is the image relevant to what you’re posting? If not, upload a specific picture that is, or you can choose from others that are on that page.
  10. Talking bad about your competition – It’s petty. It’s immature. It will backfire and make YOU look bad. Don’t ever do it.
  11. Not writing a custom headline or description when you share a link – Similar to #9, you have the option to customize the title and the content when you post a link. You should always make sure this is tailored to your audience and to your specific message.
  12. Writing with all CAPS and using lots of exclamation points!!!!!!! – Looks like you’re yelling, or overly excited. Use these judiciously only when you do want to make an impact.
  13. Not spacing out your posts – There’s no reason to post updates one right after the other.  Allow a couple of hours, or even up to a day, between your posts.
  14. Talking at guests, not with guests – Only posting press release-type updates or only linking back to your own website is stiff and boring. Don’t be that hotel that doesn’t care about anyone else but itself.

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