Less Facebook Engagement, Every Brand’s Current Sorrow

You may have noticed that your hotel’s Facebook engagement numbers are dropping off. I’m here to let you know that you aren’t alone. Hotel marketing managers everywhere are panicked about the slowing fan engagement.    Recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm means that less than 4% of your fans will...read more

Revenue Manager: There's Going to Be an Evolution

A concept that gained attention and momentum at the HSMAI's June 2014 Revenue Optimization Conference is that revenue managers must embrace change. No longer is the successful revenue manager simply managing rates and tracking inventory. The successful revenue manager is evolving into a top line...read more

Hidden YouTube Marketing Features That Every Hotelier Should Use

If you use YouTube for hotel marketing videos, I’ll reveal some little-known, nifty features that can rock your hotel videos and make them attract even more eyeballs. Do you want to drive more traffic to your hotel website through your YouTube channel? Or keep people watching videos longer, or add...read more

Sizzlin' Hot Summer Series! Breakin' Out Revenue!

Nothing beats a day on the beach in the sizzlin' hot summer. Omni Hotels understands the need for a summer solstice session, complete with golden rays and fresh air, to keep momentum at peak levels during meetings and events. Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort launched two new activity programs for...read more

What Do Meeting Planners Really Want? The Mental Triggers That Get Them to Book - Part 2

In my last post, I explored what meeting planners really want and how to use those mental triggers to influence their purchasing decisions and increase group bookings at hotels. Here are four more to add to your hotel marketing strategies and arsenal of secret marketing weapons: Meeting Planners...read more

What Do Meeting Planners Really Want? The Mental Triggers That Get Them to Book - Part 1

What really drives a meeting planner to book? The same mental triggers that drive any person’s actions, especially the decision to purchase. The key to increasing group bookings at hotels is first knowing how to influence and understand your clients, then using those mental triggers within your own...read more

Earn Five Star Status with Planners and Increase Group Business!

When a planner sees five stars next to the name of a property, perception says, "I want to bring my group here!" Reality is that some groups absolutely require the exceptional atmosphere, amenities and service of the highest rated hotels but most meetings do not have a budget that allows for groups...read more

Use What You’ve Got: Simple Ways Hotels Can Boost Revenue RIGHT NOW

Research shows that only about 10 percent of businesses leverage the existing data at their fingertips in a systematic way to boost both marketing impact and revenue.   It doesn’t take an analyst or a math whiz to take some of the numbers you already have at your hotel and turn them into a marketing...read more

Google Myths Debunked: How You Can Use this Info to Improve Rankings

Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer at Google, recently released a YouTube video about the most common SEO myths that are repeated at conferences and in online communities. The advice he gives is refreshing and should help hospitality marketing organizations increase group hotel bookings if they...read more

The Planner Perspective: Keys to Keep Planner Trust

I'm your planner. My mission? Peasing CEOs, presidents, board members and guests. I'm also tasked with incorporating brand, core values, key messages, relaxation and fun into events, all on a defined budget that includes your 'plus plus'. I must accommodate VIPs, the ADA, guests with food allergies,...read more

Sizzlin' Hot Summer Series! Graduate to Higher Revenue!

Students' mass exodus from their schools is a telltale sign that summer is fast approaching, and time for a vacation from the tired and stuffy. Cvent's Sizzlin' Hot Summer Series! provides tips on making the most of summer revenue opportunities, from leveraging the pool, family reunions, nights...read more

5 Spring Ideas to Freshen Events and Raise Revenue!

Are you using the same rooms, linens, table set up, and same basic menu for most of your events? A good 'Spring Cleaning" will breath fresh life into your events and in the relationships you have with planners of those events. Michigan Meetings & Events Magazine asked top Michigan planners questions...read more

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Own Hotel Brand

It's a common scene in hotels and DMOs across the country. Employees putting together their own materials to send to clients and guests. To make it ‘official,’ they simply slap on your hotel or DMO logo. Maybe they even crop or resize your logo to make it fit their needs. And, they pick whatever...read more

8 Elements of Designing Timeless Hotels - Is it Possible? You Decide!

I was recently intrigued by an article on Skift, “Can Hotels Move Away From Talking Trends and Start Focusing on Timeless?” The focus was on The Hotels Innovate Forum, a series of forums where thought-leaders discussing hospitality trends in key international markets. At the recent one-day event,...read more

Win Over Guests With Social Media Empathy

We all know how annoying automated answering services can be. They’re impersonal. They make you wait unnecessarily for an answer. They force you to go through myriads of menu choices in order to talk to someone. While obviously efficient for the business, what message is it really sending? “We want...read more

Want to Increase Hotel Group Bookings? Be Persistently Polite

You submitted eight RFPs last week and are just waiting for your telephone to ring or an email to pop up. After hours of staring at the phone and/or your computer, you decided to go out to lunch with a friend. The conversation goes something like this:  You: I turned in eight RFPs last week and...read more

RFPs That Planners Will Actually Read

Which RFP usually makes it to the top of the pile? A templated RFP that sounds like every other hotel, brimming with business clichés and corporate speak? Or, an RFP that reflects the personality of the hotel sales manager AND offers targeted solutions to the planner’s concerns? To increase group...read more
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