8 Elements of Designing Timeless Hotels - Is it Possible? You Decide!

I was recently intrigued by an article on Skift, “Can Hotels Move Away From Talking Trends and Start Focusing on Timeless?” The focus was on The Hotels Innovate Forum, a series of forums where thought-leaders discussing hospitality trends in key international markets. At the recent one-day event,...read more

Group Business Marketing Best Practice Tip: Sell your venue through your location – the importance of local attractions

Whether it’s shopping for a house or shopping for a hotel, key words in real estate always seem to be “location, location, location!” When planners are searching the Cvent Supplier Network, they are looking for that perfect venue for their event. They want the appropriate meeting space for sessions...read more

A Mobile Bird In the Multi-Generational Hand

Today's Baby Boomers never dreamed of phones that fit in the palm of their hands with the capabilities of a computer, especially since most had never heard of a computer (and some didn't grow up with telephones)! Gen-Y knows nothing else as they have always had mobile devices for easy communication...read more

CVBs and DMOs: A Five-Point Checklist to Help Market Your Destination

Group organizers and meeting planners are reliant on your CVB and DMO staff to sell them on all the things your city and region have to offer. Besides the convention space and guest rooms, what else do you need to do for marketing  CVBs online? The answer is: plenty! Here is a step-by-step guide to...read more

How to Modernize Your Website Press Room For The 21st Century

It started as a search. I was looking to see how popular it was for hotels to distribute a specific type of press release. Then I was in awe. There are hundreds of hotel websites with archaic online press rooms. They are regularly updated with press releases, but the press room desperately needs...read more

20 Most Popular Posts of 2013

2013 was a great year for the Cvent Hospitality blog, so to thank everyone, we're looking back at the 20 most popular posts of the year. Enjoy! Mistakes Hotels Should Never Make On Facebook No one – especially your property – wants to be THAT business on Facebook. The one whose mistakes are causing...read more

Group Business Marketing Best Practice Tip: Providing Alternate Dates

One of the most frequently asked questions our Client Services team receives is, “Why isn’t my venue winning more business?” After researching their accounts, my answer is usually, “your property receives a healthy number of RFPs, but your sales team seems to be turning down the majority of them.”...read more

Is Your Meeting Venue as Accessible as it Should be?

Inclusive and accessible is the name of the game when marketing meeting venues. According to the World Health Organization and the World Bank, more than one billion people in the world today experience some sort of disability, which represents approximately 14% of the population. For a building to...read more

Is Your Hotel as Well-Rounded as You Think for 2014?

While we’re so busy thinking about the lastest hotel technology and how to be up-to-speed on the latest trends, we’re forgetting about the other side of the pendulum. Yes, group organizers do want a hotel that’s as savvy as they are, but they’re also looking for venues that can appeal to their...read more

If You Struggle with whe Exceptional Customer Experience in Modern Marketing, Read This

As hotel marketing becomes more modernized, we need to make sure we’re continuously keeping all departments clued in and trained in order to deliver the best customer service. Across all industries, customers will become more connected to their devices, expect quicker response times, want all the...read more

8 Reasons why Visitors aren’t Booking on Your Hotel Website

The best tricks and tips in hotel e-commerce are some of the most crucial elements to convert a looker into a booker. Average hoteliers may not be aware of what’s missing from their website and preventing group business from converting.  Without these smart hotel e-commerce must-haves, you are...read more

HOTELS: How In-House Groups Can Help You Publish Engaging Social Media Content

If I had only posted that instead of this, I’d have more engagement today. Have you ever found yourself with posters’ remorse?    While it can be exciting to post pictures of your hotel on Facebook, you’ve probably discovered that marketers need to look for more intriguing content--especially for...read more

Hybrid Meetings: Best of Both Worlds for Destinations & Organizations

If you haven’t heard, hybrid events are here to stay—and for good reason. This popular format gives us the ability to combine live and virtual events into one successful conference with far-reaching results. Conference and convention managers as well as CVBs need to become well-versed on hybrid...read more

And The Winner Is... Hotels and CVBs That Offer THIS In Their Proposals

When I think about hotel specials that we’ve offered, there’s something in common with the specials that performed well. The popular specials worked to solve a problem for the meeting planner, whereas the less popular hotel offers were “nice added benefits” but weren't a strong incentive for the...read more

14 Must-Have Elements for A Strong 2014 Social Media Strategy (Part 2)

With 2013 coming to a close and hotel marketing teams reviewing their current hotel marketing strategies, let’s look ahead to and find ways to make your social media plan for 2014 even more impactful and successful.Part 1 of the series 14 Must-Have Elements for A Strong 2014 Social Media Strategy...read more

Copy That Sells: Writing With Meeting Planners In Mind

As a hospitality salesperson, you’re selling constantly over the phone, through your email conversations, and especially when seeing meeting planners face-to-face. However, when marketing hotels online or marketing CVBs on the internet, well-written content is the only thing that can sell your...read more

How to get meeting planners to come a-knocking

Have you ever posed the question to yourself, “Why do people take the time to go to events?” Really, why do people spend money, energy and time away from their demanding jobs to go to an event or attend a webinar? Someone well-distinguished in the education industry recently asked me that question....read more

12 Reasons Why Your Guests Are Ignoring You On Facebook

Know that feeling when suddenly everyone at your dinner party goes silent? Recall the awkwardness that follows? Well, that uncomfortable silence is sadly representative of thousands of hospitality marketing Facebook Pages around the country.  Hotels, resorts, destinations and venues are asking...read more

Mystery Revenue Unraveled: Haunted Hotels That Bring In Revenue!

Mission Point Resort's Room 2200 on Mackinac Island, Michigan, is just one of a number of resort locations boasting paranormal phenomena. Harvy Parker, the first owner of the Omni Parker House Hotel, is said to roam the halls and appear to guests asking if they enjoyed their stay. This Boston hotel...read more

11 Common Pinterest Mistakes That Hoteliers Make

Pinterest offers a beautiful opportunity for marketing hotels online and marketing destinations online, especially for those destinations and properties with a robust gallery of stunning photography.  Not only does Pinterest get your destination marketing brand in front of potential guests, it’s a...read more
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