Group Business Marketing Best Practice Tip: One-Upping the Competition

A lot can be said for the advantages technology provides to get a leg up on competition. When it comes to reporting, you can paint the picture of your venue’s lead flow and overall performance. When that information shows how your venue matches up against the market, it’s even more valuable. more

Group Business Forum Speaker Lineup: Moneyball's Billy Beane and More!

If you keep doing the same thing, then you will keep getting the same results. No one knows this like Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A's and Cvent Group Business Forum's keynote speaker. Faced with a losing scenario, Beane (the subject of Brad Pitt film Moneyball), chose more

Want to Sharpen Your Lead Management Skills? Get Cvent Certification, for Free

As competition for group business grows stronger, hoteliers look for an edge in getting the right kind of business the kind that boosts the balance sheet every quarter. Now you can get this edge while attending the 2014 Cvent Group Business Forum, the sold-out event that is being held at more

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Own Hotel Brand

It's a common scene in hotels and DMOs across the country. Employees putting together their own materials to send to clients and guests. To make it ‘official,’ they simply slap on your hotel or DMO logo. Maybe they even crop or resize your logo to make it fit their needs. And, they pick more

11 Ways to Humanize Your Hotel Brand

Humanizing your hotel’s or DMO’s brand is mandatory if you want to survive in business today. Authenticity and transparency are the new words to live by. Why? Because your hotel guests are humans. Your staff members are human. And, your social media followers and fans are human. Robotic, more

8 Ways Destinations Should be Using Twitter

Despite its confining character limits and its endless scrolling content, Twitter remains one of the best conversation tools when marketing DMOs online. Smart destination marketing staff know that Twitter is best for real-time engagement, not just for touting all that is tops about your city. more

Walk this Way! Advertise Convention Centers by their Walkability Scores

Urban Planner Jeff Speck recently wrote a book entitled, "WALKABLE CITY: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time" of which he encapsulated his ideas on how walkable cities can assist in the economic viability of a downtown area and provide public health of its residents and travelers. more

8 Elements of Designing Timeless Hotels - Is it Possible? You Decide!

I was recently intrigued by an article on Skift, “Can Hotels Move Away From Talking Trends and Start Focusing on Timeless?” The focus was on The Hotels Innovate Forum, a series of forums where thought-leaders discussing hospitality trends in key international markets. At the recent one-day event, more

Want to Increase Hotel Group Bookings? Be Persistently Polite

You submitted eight RFPs last week and are just waiting for your telephone to ring or an email to pop up. After hours of staring at the phone and/or your computer, you decided to go out to lunch with a friend. The conversation goes something like this:  You: I turned in eight RFPs last week more

Coming Up with Novel Hotel Marketing Ideas when the Novelty has Worn Off

Hollywood is the reigning champ of bigger-than-life marketing ideas. Every blockbuster strives to launch a marketing campaign that is more shocking, more memorable, more magnificent than the movie that came before it. But, in a world of millions of marketing ploys, going bigger and louder doesn’ more

16 Best Practices to Light Up Your Company's LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Company Pages are a bit of conundrum for most organizations.  You want followers, but you don't know exactly how to get them. LinkedIn recently published a Best Practices Guide for Company Pages aimed at helping individuals get started. Most of the tips below are simple, free ways you more

Who Should Answer Your Hotel's Reviews?

Guest reviews can make your hotel brand either shine or stumble. What really determines which way you go is your response. So, who is the best person to respond to your online reviews? The most obvious person would be your hotel general manager, as they hold the most authority and should more

The Real ROI of Virtual Hotel Tours

Talking about packing a punch. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, a website with a 360-degree virtual tour and other interactive media will receive 40% more views than other sites. And, research done by Best Western said they see 48% MORE bookings when marketing hotels on more

Hoteliers: Draw Year-round Media Attention with These 6 FAM Tour Ideas

Your hotel press releases can only go so far when marketing hotels online. The best way to have any real impact on a travel writer’s decision to write about your hotel is to have them experience a stay themselves. Travel media – including writers, bloggers, travel show producers – receive a ton more

Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part II

In just a few years, social media has evolved into an ever-changing landscape that introduces new websites, tools, rules and protocol to hotel marketers every few months. To help solidify your knowledge on at least the basics of social media, I’m answering some of the most common social more

Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part I

Within the past few years, social media has become a complex and ever-changing hotel marketing avenue full of new players and constantly changing rules and protocol. To try and help you navigate some social media basics for your hotel marketing strategy, I’m answering some of the most more

You’ve Been Reviewed, Now What? A Hotel’s Guide to Improving & Moving Forward

It’s apparent that online word of mouth has become an important part of hotel marketing. Sites such as Facebook, TripAdvisor and Yelp play a role in the research process for travelers and planners choosing a hotel, restaurant, venue, and more.    You may be surprised that a large amount of more

Not So Random Factors for Hotel Website Conversion

Let’s face the facts.    Not every planner who visits a hotel website is going to book or be intrigued enough to submit an RFP. That’s why it’s extremely important for hotel marketers to be cutting-edge and always asking your clients powerful questions about their buying decisions. Factors such more

What Everybody Ought to Know About These Three Books

Think about the most important leader in your life. Why do you follow this leader? Do you consider yourself a leader or a passive do-er? I recently read three books that every hotelier should read. I learned that women need to take more risks, that leaders need to inspire with belief and passion, more

How Big Travel Brands Get Millions of Email Subscribers

When it comes to building your hotel’s email marketing list and marketing your hotel(s) online, it’s all about what you offer in exchange for someone’s email address. Most hotel marketing teams will proclaim the same offer: ‘Sign up here for special discounts and offers!’ ‘Sign up to hear the more
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