Who Should Answer Your Hotel's Reviews?

Guest reviews can make your hotel brand either shine or stumble. What really determines which way you go is your response. So, who is the best person to respond to your online reviews? The most obvious person would be your hotel general manager, as they hold the most authority and should know...read more

"What's Out and What's In" for Resorts in 2014

Hawkins International Public Relations, a firm spanning a broad range of sectors including resorts, recently issued a trend report for luxury hotels. Below is a summation of what is "old" and "new" in the industry, along with actual hotel marketing staff examples.  What's Out: Calling or using the...read more

Learning From Your Comp Set's Hotel Marketing

As in any battle for business, you better know what you’re up against. Get a razor sharp competitive edge over your hotel’s comp set by taking the time to size up their hotel marketing strategy with yours. Think of it as building a better arsenal of tools to drive group bookings at hotels or...read more

CVBs and DMOs: A Five-Point Checklist to Help Market Your Destination

Group organizers and meeting planners are reliant on your CVB and DMO staff to sell them on all the things your city and region have to offer. Besides the convention space and guest rooms, what else do you need to do for marketing  CVBs online? The answer is: plenty! Here is a step-by-step guide to...read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Your Hotel to Growing Consumer Groups

What’s the most coveted and fastest growing consumer group in the country today? U.S. Hispanics. Right now, there are more than 52 million Hispanics residing in the nation. That number will rise to 132.8 million by 2050, which will account for 30 percent of the entire country’s population. Need more...read more

Google Introduces Business Photos, Wallet and Indoor Maps to Help Hotels Market Themselves

Google is expanding its hospitality presence and making it hard for hotel marketing staff to turn away from these innovative concepts. In fact, four hotel chains are on board with Google's latest offerings in hope that these apps will help with their online hotel marketing efforts.  Best Western...read more

9 Business Travelers Weigh-in: Is "Hotel Loyalty" an Oxymoron?

Recently, in a LinkedIn Business Travelers Group, Ryan Frankel the CEO of VerbalizeIt, asked the following question:  How can hotels and other travel organizations drive customer loyalty in an increasingly commoditized industry?  Several travelers spoke up about the things they believe create ...read more

5 Destination Marketing Tips for Selling Experiences

Today’s travelers seek experiences. More than the creature comforts and amenities, more than packaged entertainment and big-ticket attractions. Out-of-the-ordinary experiences are what truly compels people to pack up and visit your destination. As a destination marketer, you have your work cut out...read more

What Hospitality Marketers Can Take From WestJet's Viral Holiday Video

By now, most of us in the travel and lodging industry have seen the latest Internet sensation to hit social media streams everywhere. WestJet swept into the holidays with an emotional video inducing tears and a renewed belief in Santa and his (credit card-holding) elves. In just three days, the...read more

I am a Business Traveler Hear Me Roar

If the title looks familiar, think Katy Perry. And if you are marketing business travel at your property, your "cash cow" guest isn't going to take it anymore. This traveler over the last several decades looked something like this:  I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath Scared to rock the boat...read more

Surprise Revelation: How Email Still Trumps Social Media

With the success of social media dominating online discussions, hotel marketing publications and blogs, (and not to mention, the entire world!) let’s not forget another powerful hospitality marketing tool for increasing group bookings at a hotel:  EMAIL. When used correctly for marketing a hotel or...read more

Is Your Meeting Venue as Accessible as it Should be?

Inclusive and accessible is the name of the game when marketing meeting venues. According to the World Health Organization and the World Bank, more than one billion people in the world today experience some sort of disability, which represents approximately 14% of the population. For a building to...read more

How to Tell Your Hotel's Or CVB's Story With Instagram Video

Throughout the business world, companies are using Instagram Video to tell their brand’s story, create a sense of place...and just to have fun with their followers. Hoteliers and CVBs can do the same and use Instagram Video to enhance their property’s online reputation by generating buzz and...read more

How to Make Your Destination’s Content Contagious

Today’s travelers and meeting planners are facing information overload. And, unfortunately that means that too much of the valuable content created by hospitality marketing teams go unnoticed. Yet, there are those random videos, photos, and blog posts that not only make it through, but become viral....read more

How to Use Your Blog to Bond with Clients and Guests

Contrary to what you may see on your competitor’s blogs, a blog shouldn’t be another place to post promos and your latest offers. When marketing hotels online or marketing CVBs on the internet, your blog should have one purpose: to form a bond with your clients and future visitors in a way that your...read more

Improve Your Google Ranking by Creating Collaborative Content

Every client I have ever worked with has a goal of being ranked #1 by Google when searching terms that are relevant to their industry, region and customer base.  Whether you run a hotel, resort or CVB, you want your landing page to rank first and will spend your hospitality marketing dollars to make...read more

How Hotels and DMOs Should Write Content for Social Media

We’ve all seen them. Those awkward social media posts by hotels or a CVBs that don’t make sense, that are too wordy, brimming of bad grammar, or cloaked in jargon or local lingo.   Just as in any other endeavor when marketing hotels online or marketing CVBs on the internet, social media demands...read more

How a Pro Copywriter Would Rewrite Your Hotel or CVB Website

When marketing hotels online, or marketing CVBs on the internet, your website is your most significant distribution channel. Not to mention the most powerful tool for marketing toward group travel.  Its paramount purpose is to turn lookers into bookers and several factors can help you meet that...read more

14 Must-Have Elements for A Strong 2014 Social Media Strategy (Part 2)

With 2013 coming to a close and hotel marketing teams reviewing their current hotel marketing strategies, let’s look ahead to and find ways to make your social media plan for 2014 even more impactful and successful.Part 1 of the series 14 Must-Have Elements for A Strong 2014 Social Media Strategy...read more

14 Must-Have Elements for A Strong 2014 Social Media Strategy (Part 1)

As we edge closer and closer to the end of 2013, hotel marketing teams will soon start reviewing and evaluating this past year’s social media efforts.   In this post, let’s look ahead and explore how you can make your 2014 social media strategy even stronger and more impactful. Many components are...read more
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