Want to Increase Hotel Group Bookings? Be Persistently Polite

You submitted eight RFPs last week and are just waiting for your telephone to ring or an email to pop up. After hours of staring at the phone and/or your computer, you decided to go out to lunch with a friend. The conversation goes something like this:  You: I turned in eight RFPs last week and...read more

RFPs That Planners Will Actually Read

Which RFP usually makes it to the top of the pile? A templated RFP that sounds like every other hotel, brimming with business clichés and corporate speak? Or, an RFP that reflects the personality of the hotel sales manager AND offers targeted solutions to the planner’s concerns? To increase group...read more

16 Best Practices to Light Up Your Company's LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Company Pages are a bit of conundrum for most organizations.  You want followers, but you don't know exactly how to get them. LinkedIn recently published a Best Practices Guide for Company Pages aimed at helping individuals get started. Most of the tips below are simple, free ways you can...read more

The Hippest Trends of 2014

You probably would not be surprised to learn that the planner side of me is detail oriented and perhaps a little nerdy, a "poindexter." But the beauty is that I am multi-faceted with a side that loves excitement, just like many other planners. I'm looking for the next great thing, the hottest trend...read more

Answers to Hoteliers’ Most Frequently Asked Social Media Questions – Part I

Within the past few years, social media has become a complex and ever-changing hotel marketing avenue full of new players and constantly changing rules and protocol. To try and help you navigate some social media basics for your hotel marketing strategy, I’m answering some of the most frequently...read more

A Series of First Impressions: Meetings and Events

A planner's life centers on details and compartmentalized steps, thus your approach must be in sync. You laid a foundation by realizing and executing a defined culture that addresses the brand, your employees and your outlets. You are in a good position to invite planners to bring their groups to...read more

Hotels Using Employees in Creative Ways

You would think it’s common sense to use employees in your office to share the workload and boost employee engagement, but that’s not the case. While I haven’t had an extensive career, I’ve overseen the marketing for two conference centers and one hotel, and none of those properties engaged...read more

Breaking The Cycle Of That’s The Way We Always Do It (TTWWADI)

Marketing is both an art and a science. That’s what I love about it.    It [marketing] is about appreciating human behavior, decisions and stimuli to create a demand for your product; and its counterpart science, requires measuring data and understanding analytics to help the organization deliver...read more

"What's Out and What's In" for Resorts in 2014

Hawkins International Public Relations, a firm spanning a broad range of sectors including resorts, recently issued a trend report for luxury hotels. Below is a summation of what is "old" and "new" in the industry, along with actual hotel marketing staff examples.  What's Out: Calling or using the...read more

Learning From Your Comp Set's Hotel Marketing

As in any battle for business, you better know what you’re up against. Get a razor sharp competitive edge over your hotel’s comp set by taking the time to size up their hotel marketing strategy with yours. Think of it as building a better arsenal of tools to drive group bookings at hotels or...read more

6 Secretive (and not so Secretive) Ways Hotel Hacking Happens

Remember the big credit card breach from Target last December? Even if you didn't have or use a Target credit card while shopping there you may replaced your debit or credit card "just to make sure." It was a minor inconvenience compared to the folks who actually experienced identity theft.  If you...read more

A Series of First Impressions: Outlets

We began A Series of First Impressions: Your Brand Culture discussing the importance of guest experiences of your hotel's culture through service, outlets and meetings. Outlets provide a great opportunity for you to impress group guests and keep them coming back. Hotels who recognize additional...read more

Part 1: Keys to the Art of F&B Dollars

The Oscars live on in Mike Breach's portraits (Baristart) of Oscar nominees, and winners, in coffee foam. This New York barista's artistic impressions please celebrities and customers alike. Breach's creativity is but one example of the change in food preparation and presentation. No longer is food...read more

7 Sustainable SEO Methods to Your Ever Loving Quest to Rank #1

What business - hotel, DMO, or convention center - doesn't want to come to the top of the list on Google? Everyone right?!?  However, with Google's secret and ever changing algorithm, it is very difficult to understand what works and what doesn't. Irfan Ahmad, Founder of Digital Information World,...read more

Group Business Marketing Best Practice Tip: Sell your venue through your location – the importance of local attractions

Whether it’s shopping for a house or shopping for a hotel, key words in real estate always seem to be “location, location, location!” When planners are searching the Cvent Supplier Network, they are looking for that perfect venue for their event. They want the appropriate meeting space for sessions...read more

How To Power Your Group Marketing Campaigns with Hashtags

By now, everyone on your hotel marketing staff has heard of #hashtags, and perhaps are already using them daily in your social media activities. However, is your team aware of how powerful and influential a hashtag can be to your hotel? Or, how hashtags can propel campaigns when marketing to...read more

Why Social Crowdsourcing is The Future, Plus 10 Creative Crowdsourcing Ideas

If you recall, a few years ago hotel brands were afraid to hand over control of social media, and preferred to have a strict framework in case the unforeseen happened. Brands were also afraid of sharing ideas because their competitors would “steal" them. Hotel marketing managers have now moved on to...read more

How Four Hotel Brands Are Successfully Conquering Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential device in marketing hotels online and marketing for group travel. And, it comes with a world of benefits. Consumers are looking for content that is engaging, interesting, and relevant to their lives. And content helps drive your hotel’s brand and personality, while...read more

3 Killer Reasons You Need to be Responsive on Social Media

  Hospitality Marketing Staff, I get it -- you have rooms to fill and meetings to book. The last thing you need to do is regularly check and update your organization's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Vine accounts. Phew! It just exhausts me thinking about all...read more

CVBs and DMOs: A Five-Point Checklist to Help Market Your Destination

Group organizers and meeting planners are reliant on your CVB and DMO staff to sell them on all the things your city and region have to offer. Besides the convention space and guest rooms, what else do you need to do for marketing  CVBs online? The answer is: plenty! Here is a step-by-step guide to...read more
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