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Walk this Way! Advertise Convention Centers by their Walkability Scores

Urban Planner Jeff Speck recently wrote a book entitled, "WALKABLE CITY: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time" of which he encapsulated his ideas on how walkable cities can assist in the economic viability of a downtown area and provide public health of its residents and travelers. more

Google Introduces Business Photos, Wallet and Indoor Maps to Help Hotels Market Themselves

Google is expanding its hospitality presence and making it hard for hotel marketing staff to turn away from these innovative concepts. In fact, four hotel chains are on board with Google's latest offerings in hope that these apps will help with their online hotel marketing efforts.  Best more

What Hospitality Marketers Can Take From WestJet's Viral Holiday Video

By now, most of us in the travel and lodging industry have seen the latest Internet sensation to hit social media streams everywhere. WestJet swept into the holidays with an emotional video inducing tears and a renewed belief in Santa and his (credit card-holding) elves. In just three days, more

The Next Step to Marketing CVBs Online Lies in Mobile App Development

Most CVBs know it is important to develop a mobile technology strategy, especially in light of the fact that this year, for the second year in a row, smartphones are due to outsell laptops. As smartphones get lighter, faster and more intuitive, they are most likely going to be a planner's tool more

4 Reasons Why Facebook May Not Factor in Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

Channels come and channels go. Who would have thought, just one short year ago, Facebook might be on its way out? Certainly not me!  However, don't think that all social channels are doomed. With more platforms available to the user than ever before, Facebook may have to fight for their relevancy more

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Alternate Smart Ways to Measure Social Media ROI

One thing that many hotel marketing and destination marketing professionals can agree on: It’s difficult to deliver a concrete return on investment for their social media programs. While most hotels, resorts and destinations sense that value exists in having an engaging and active social more

5 Most Influential Words in Hospitality Marketing

Every copywriter or content marketer knows that there are some words that have more clout over the decision making process than others. Funny thing is, these powerful words don’t sound so powerful or complex. After all, its simple language that makes it crystal clear to our audience what we more

6 Tips Every Hotelier Should Know About Writing Calls-to-Action

Good writing is a powerful force when you're advertising a meeting venue or working to increase hotel group business. Compelling copywriting attractions attention, keeps a meeting planner or hotel guest interested, and ultimately can lead them to book your property. Without crafty and more

1-2-3 Easy Steps Toward a Great Social Strategy

Social Media Strategy. What do these three words really mean? Well, as a Social Media Strategist, I will tell you they mean different things to different people. However, I recently read "The Ten Commandments of Social Media Marketing" by Melonie Dodaro, from  Top Dog Social Media who presented more

Checking Out Digital Check-In!

A key to repeat business is pleasing the business traveler. As a frequent traveler myself, I like to select my seat on an airplane. I prefer more legroom and an aisle seat. I will even pay a little extra for that comfort. When I take a cruise, I'll pay a little more to select the cabin I prefer, more

Revving Up Revenue Part 2: 2013 Revenue Bucket List

The last few weeks demanded a great deal of energy and time from you as the revenue manager at your hotel, but the 2012 reports are on the books and you have done everything you can with your team to build the bottom line most successfully. Just when you thought you could exhale, the fiscal more

22 Great Ways to Get Green in the New Year

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are terms that continue to create buzz in the hospitality and events industry. But what do these terms really mean and how can your convention center or hotel property start to engage in this process?  First, the definitions: more

Hotels Sway Planners with Valuable Tangible Goods and Intangible Services

Some hoteliers have identified a strong playing power that wins new group business. A typical contract between a hotel and planner lists services that are contracted for the particular group. However, the hotel winning group business is the one who can add the most goods and services valuable to more

Business Travel Up. Spending Up. Total Travel Outlook: Complicated.

In April of this year, The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) released their US Business Travel Quarterly Outlook which hailed some positive, some negative, and some cautionary statistics and information for those entities that are marketing toward business travel. The GBTA study more

Why Co-Locating is a Cool Trend for Meetings and Trade Shows

Every planner has heard the term "co-locate" over the last few years and some of us have even been to an event or planned one that was co-located. But what does this term really mean and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing this -- from the attendee, event organizer, trade show exhibitor, more

3 Secrets to Creating a TED Experience at Your Venue and Increasing Group Business

It’s true, the traditional conference design with seats facing the front of the room is an easy go-to, but it’s a passive learning set-up and it doesn’t market your venue’s space adequately. Innovative conferences like Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) are focused on space and design more

What You Haven't Learned about How to Market a Conference Center

Conference centers are often confused for hotels or convention centers. If you have experience selling or marketing a conference center, you are already well-aware that planners (both seasoned and new) have a misconception about what makes each of these venues distinct and unique in their own more

Want 15 Minutes of Fame for Your Property? Make a Great First Impression

    According to many hotel owners and general mangers, the first 15 minutes a guest is on property "makes or breaks" their opinion of your venue. Mickael C. Damelincourt, General Manager of Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto said, "If you lose them at the beginning, it is very hard more

Thoughts on Guest Satisfaction Surveys & 3 Net Promoter Tips

I recently came across a poll in the Hotel Industry Professionals World Wide LinkedIn group surrounding the idea of guest satisfaction surveys. While not a huge number of responses, I was encouraged by the direction the poll was taking: 68% of respondents said they thought guest more

Quick Service: Hotels Make a Speedy Promise

Years ago ordering room service was a luxury reserved only for those with lots of time and money to burn. According to the USA Today hoteliers are recognizing that this has changed. Room service is quickly becoming the food service of choice for business travelers who want a great meal and fast. more
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